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Representational Oil and Acrylic Painter

Searching for narrative & imagination through art

I am drawn to consume and create art that compels me to lean in, insert myself, wonder about what it all means, and leaves space for me add my fingerprint to the story.


Always taking in information and being ready to listen and take note of the ideas that flow through my mind - inspired by the things I do, see, smell and touch, I feel like if I'm not in act of creating, I am still creating in my mind.


Inspired by artists like Mary Pratt and Rene Magritte, I am inspired by art that suggests a story while leaving the door open for interpretations to the observer.  

I work in acrylic, oil and sometimes, linocuts.  When I want to flesh out ideas on the painting surface, I like to use oils so I have time to consider, change and rework.  I use acrylic when I have an image already formed in my mind.  And I have just started using linocut to created images that have a more graphic feel. 

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I look for feelings that come from landscapes.  A landscape can make me feel free, long to be in a place, can reveal solitude whether by choice or circumstance, can hide or reveal, and provide the setting for a narrative of one's own. 

My landscapes take on a quiet and serene quality, and sometimes contentment is the message, while other times the harshness of the wild can be felt as well. 

I look for the stories inside of art pieces that bare a view into the aspects of life that might be every-day and mundane but when slowed down to a captured moment, are memorable. 


I want to capture the feeling that hung in the air in that moment, and leave the window open to imagine what happened the moment before and the moment after this time was frozen on canvas. 

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