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Representational Oil and Acrylic Painter

Adding Narrative Through Whimsey and Surprise

As an artist, I am always taking in information - focusing on shapes, colours and light, so I can be creating even when not in front of the easel. Inspired by artists like Mary Pratt, Rene Magritte and Helen Griffiths, I love art that suggests a story while leaving the door open for interpretations to the observer.  If you're interested in collaborating, don't hesitate to reach out.

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A combination of serene landscapes - cool blues, greens and wispy clouds that deliver a fresh breeze, and images that introduce story, interest and sometimes whimsey.  

Anniversary in frame.jpg

Title: Happy  Anniversary, Babe

Acrylic on board

Title: North Shore Snow

Acrylic on canvas

Early morning.jpg

Title: The Massage Table

Oil on canvas

Title: Salmon Beach Calm on Left

Acrylic on board

Title: Salmon Beach Calm on Right

Acrylic on board


Title: Surprise in the Bay

Acrylic on canvas


Title: Hawk Eyed

Acrylic on canvas

Seagull at Lake George.jpg

Title: Lakegull again

Oil on board

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